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CCDP Offers Learning Opportunities for Compuware Professional Service Employees

Employee Education to Deliver On-Line Technical Training Provides Support for Microsoft Certification Participants

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Continued Career Development Program Offers Learning Opportunities for Compuware Professional Service Employees
The Technical Education Center announces a new training initiative that will provide career development opportunities for Compuware Professional Services Division employees. The Continued Career Development Program (CCDP) focuses on two key skill areas: client/server and Web programming. These curricula offer accelerated learning and intensive, hands-on practice that enable employees to retool their existing skill sets in a short period of time, develop exciting, new areas of knowledge, and open up opportunities for a greater variety of client assignments.

The CCDP will offer three areas of study:

  1. Mainframe-to-Client/Server Training - This curriculum will focus on the key concepts associated with working in a client/server environment. Students will learn C, Visual Basic and Oracle SQL. Duration: Six weeks.

  2. Client/Server-to-Web Training - In this series of courses, students will learn the basics of Web Application Development, including HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CGI Scripting and Perl, and Java programming. Duration: Six weeks.

  3. Mainframe-to-Web Training - The most intensive of the options, this curriculum combines the content from the Mainframe-to-Client/Server and Client/Server-to-Web courses, enabling learners to develop conceptual and practical skills in client/server and Web technologies. Duration: Ten weeks.
Courses will be structured to provide both classroom and lab time; instructional delivery methods will include instructor-led training, video conferencing (using the CyberClass method and Microsoft NetMeeting technology), and computer-based training (CBT). Discussion, coaching, and question-and-answer sessions will include e-mail and audio conference calls as well as the more traditional face time in the structured learning setting. The course will alternate between lecture/discussion periods and offline lab times, in which the students work on assignments using self-paced, case study methods. Instructors will be available remotely during these lab times via telephone, e-mail, or locally.

Instructor-led training will occur on-site at designated Compuware branch offices. Instructors will be recruited from the local branch employees, reducing travel time and cost, and making instructors more available to students. Instructors will complete a rigorous training program in which they experience the CCDP program in its entirety, then beta teach to their peers, receiving ample constructive feedback before becoming members of the training team.

"We are excited about this new program that will help Compuware employees continue to grow their skills," stated Mark Kulak, Senior Manager with the Technical Education Center. "At the Technical Education Center, we understand that it is of paramount importance that we respond to the market and employee skill development needs throughout the corporation. This program represents TEC's commitment to providing this service to all Compuware Professional Services employees."

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