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Last Updated 10/31/2001

Contacting Xavier

    I'll talk to anyone, regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, religion, mood, political affiliation, musical inclinations... just don't expect me to treat any topic or subject as sacred. I'm as irreverent as they come, and that applies to my own beliefs as well as anyone else's.

    If you actually know me... Please don't hesitate to write. Even if you think I hate you. Even if I've said, "I hate you." Even if I came at you with a large war-axe. That's just my way of showing affection. It's like pulling on pigtails, really.

Xav's Guestbook

If you're looking to drop me a note, and you aren't looking for a reply, leave it here. This is the place to tell me you love or hate The Haven, and not the place to say you love or hate me.

Those applying for the love slave position should e-mail me. Or call. Or just come over for an interview. Hey hey, one at a time girls. ;)


My ID is ATDTXav. If you ask me my A/S/L, especially after seeing my web site, I will laugh at you. A lot. That doesn't mean I won't chat, but the more interesting you are, the longer you'll keep my toddleresque attention. ;-)~


I use ICQ nearly constantly. I will not authorize you, at least until we've talked a little. Scary people are out there, and I might be one of them ;) My ICQ # is 543118. If you don't use ICQ but would like to leave me an instant message anyway, page me.


I have a ton of email addresses, but the most reliable way to reach me is at atdt1991@hotmail.com. Not that Hotmail is reliable.




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