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Last Updated 10/31/2001

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened?

I dodged around my bloated graphics every time I came to my own website. At first they were an inconvenience, and then I came to despise them for the nasty works that they are. After viewing a few sites that actually fulfilled a decent function beyond a grandiose personal advertisement, I created a new, very simple design.
Now when I tell people to go to Spork Of Doom, I don't have to say, "Well, you'll have to excuse the huge images, I was going through a rebellious phase. Oh, and I hope you don't use netscape, because everything crashes. Yes, everything. What are you yelling about, of course I care! I'm just... busy. Yeah. Where's the latest comic strip?"

Is this permanent?

Right. This is a website. Stasis = death, last I heard. I like the look though, so I'm going to develop this and leave the barely useable sites to my past. My plans are to hurry up and finish this one since I've left it on the back burner. I'm already starting a new one. :)

Why does everything look so weird and disjointed?

Perhaps the cost of a steady stream of inspiration is the urge to constantly do something new. I'm leaving the links to my old sections available at the top of the page so those who want to view them don't have to wait for me to finish this set-up. However, as I complete the new sections, I will be taking down their counterparts.

Why are all the links on the right disabled?

You have the honor of seeing the menu structure before the pages have been created. As they are finished, I will be activating the links. PLEASE CLEAR YOUR CACHE. Something is wrong with the server, so's you often need to refresh the page. I dunno why, it doesn't know any better. Bah!

How long do we have to wait before this supposed artistic wonder is done?

Hey, don't give me any guff! I can just turn this site around and we can go home-- what?

Oh yeah.

Hey, did anyone get on Picasso's case while he worked on the Sistine Chapel??
...What was that? What do you mean he-- ...Nevermind then!

Who actually asked these questions?

Erm.... no one. *grins* I'm actually wrote the FAQ before I write the original pages. No one's ever accused me of being linear.

Is this site standards compliant?

Yes! I have validatd this version of my web site using both the WDC and W3C validator services.

What else have you done?

Big question. But if we're just talking web design, visit the ATDT Design site to see the sites I've worked hard on. Not included are the silly stupid ones I never liked ;)

What's with this Xav/Xavier thing anyway?

Old nickname from my BBSing days. That's pre-internet computer stuff for the Non-geek. I'm usually called Xav when there's too many Scotts around, like at BJ's wedding.




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