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Last Updated 10/31/2001

Michigan Grand Central Train Station

There is something about the Train Station that makes it different from the various abandoned buildings in Detroit. Designed by the same people as New York's Grand Central, it stands alone in a neighborhood dominated by the Old Tiger Stadium.

The building looms over the area, clearly visible from I-75. Once a watchdog, a gateway to the city, it now stands as a display of our internal decay to all passerby.

My first exposure to the station came through Jeska, who told me of a place that she goes to write, to feel the soul of the past. The first time she took me, I was still dressed for work, so we did not go farther than the front entryway. Since then I've made four or five more trips to see the building, now abandoned for over 15 years.

At this point you practically have to be an archeologist to really see what the bottom four floors looked like in their prime. Weather damage and fifteen years of destruction have turned the ground of marble into powder, the walls of tile to shattered debris.
I took nearly 100 pictures inside the station from basement to roof of the 24 "tall-story" building, and these are my favorite 10.




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